February thoughts


January is over and I am feeling quite tired but also good, in fact, I am feeling really good. Going through a lot of very new and very difficult experiences but also taking the time to process and rest from those means that I am entering this new month feeling stronger than ever, yet also lighter.


The publicising work for Appetite has been intense but also fun. I am glad to have told part of my story but am very much hoping to have the chance to tell more and different ones too. 


I am hoping to have the chance to talk about sugar and food. About monogamy and openness. About the wrong turns we all make as we find our way. About change and conscious choices.


The last month has given me so much to think about and, over the coming months, I will be writing, continuing to grow the conscious relationship community I co-founded with Andrea (nomoradicalrelationships.club) but also reaching out to the readers of Appetite to talk about sugar, sex and self. I hope you will join in the conversation.

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