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This is where I will share my writing as well as information about my book, Appetite. You might be here because you have come across me talking or writing about open relationships, non-monogamy as well as conscious monogamy. I support people in making their own conscious relationship choices and can help you either through some phone or email time or via the friendly and growing community I founded. You can sign up for more details here: Alethya or take a look at my Services page.

I would love to use this site to be in conversation with you. Please get in touch with any questions. 

I am currently promoting my first book, Appetite, which is about sugar, change and marriage.

I am also reading about the link between the body and the mind as well as working on a new novel about the relationship between work and life, family and self, polyamory and kink. 

Anita Cassidy

I am currently deciding what to read next... suggestions welcome! 

The image of the writer is all too often of a solitary figure at a keyboard and, whilst much writing necessitates being alone and just doing the work of writing, there is no way I could have written by book without the advice, support and guidance of the following: