I offer a mentoring service for people who wish to critically assess and then make supported changes to their habits, routines and any issues relating to the self, relationships, food and work. This is a professional, but informal, service based on my years of reading and experience. It is designed to help people feel supported in assessing and making changes as well as provide a safe, non-judgemental space for discussing a range of personal concerns. My support with regards the self can be useful whether you are solo or partenered, monogamous or non.

I can support people who are working on or looking at starting all forms of creative projects.

Mentoring and coaching is, for me, about making meaningful enquiry into one’s values and ways of living. It is not meant to replace but, instead, support psychological counselling. It is about looking at what is front of mind right now, about helping you to see your own story clearly and to support you in making any changes that are right for you.

An hour of my time for all of these services is £15 per hour per £10,000 that you earn (e.g. £30 per hour if you earn £20,000, £45 if you earn £30,000, £60 if you earn £40,000+. Fees capped at £60 per hour).


I am a confident and enthusiastic public speaker and love to contribute to balanced, nuanced conversations on all issues related to conscious living and loving, whether that be on sex, relationships, food or the self, society and the media. There are fees attached to my speaking as well as the preparation of talks. Do contact me at for more information and availability.

I recently took part in a panel discussion on relationships in central London. I will be participating in several panels and workshops across the autumn of 2019 as well as speaking at TEDx Open University in November 2019.

Book Groups

I am happy to come and speak to your book group.

Appetite, being about food, sex and change as well as marriage and adultery, is a novel that naturally sparks debate and conversation. I can attend book groups free of charge but the covering of travel costs is appreciated.