Diet culture and monogamy culture – choice and control in relation to our appetites

CakeWed 11th November 2020

Food and sex – two appetites we’re told to control but what happens when we don’t? This was...

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Food, change and hope – thoughts on Veganuary

CakeWed 1st January 2020

I used to think that the big changes in my life started with stopping drinking but, before that,...

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Can we really change our food habits? 

CakeMon 10th June 2019

I began writing Appetite in 2014 as part of National Novel Writing Month. One of the ideas in...

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What my son eating (or not eating) broccoli has to do with sex: thoughts on food, sex, pleasure and society

CakeThu 15th November 2018

Recently I have been thinking a lot about pleasure. I have noticed how hard I find it hard...

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Habits and change

CakeThu 27th September 2018

Over the summer I thought a lot about change and the different types of change that goes on...

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Self-care and saving the world

CakeThu 30th August 2018

With the changes of recent years, which include the loss of my father, my mum’s cancer, the end...

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Snap Out of It

CakeTue 15th May 2018

It was on reading yet another piece of exceptional, but bleak, journalism about the impact of chocolate production...

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Sugar and You

CakeTue 17th April 2018

Clear your plate? Don’t be so greedy! This will make you feel better… Enjoy… You deserve it… Don’t...

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Sugar and self power

CakeTue 3rd April 2018

Look around you… what do you see? There is something there that is so pervasive and present that...

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