Can we really change our food habits? 

CakeMon 10th June 2019

I began writing Appetite in 2014 as part of National Novel Writing Month. One of the ideas in...

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What my son eating (or not eating) broccoli has to do with sex: thoughts on food, sex, pleasure and society

CakeThu 15th November 2018

Recently I have been thinking a lot about pleasure. I have noticed how hard I find it hard...

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Habits and change

CakeThu 27th September 2018

Over the summer I thought a lot about change and the different types of change that goes on...

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Self-care and saving the world

CakeThu 30th August 2018

With the changes of recent years, which include the loss of my father, my mum’s cancer, the end...

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Snap Out of It

CakeTue 15th May 2018

It was on reading yet another piece of exceptional, but bleak, journalism about the impact of chocolate production...

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Sugar and You

CakeTue 17th April 2018

Clear your plate? Don’t be so greedy! This will make you feel better… Enjoy… You deserve it… Don’t...

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Sugar and self power

CakeTue 3rd April 2018

Look around you… what do you see? There is something there that is so pervasive and present that...

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Why Jamie Oliver has it wrong… as does everyone…

CakeWed 7th March 2018

Even the more nuanced debates around food are too simplistic. There are comfortably off people who live on...

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What is better: food or sex…?

CakeWed 28th February 2018

If you had asked me that question in my 20s and 30s I would *definitely* have said food… ...

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