Decades, weeks and days – reflections on time, work, society and self

CakeTue 9th March 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shifted concepts of time for many of us as we negotiate much less...

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Stopping drinking for the second (and third) time

CakeSat 27th June 2020

I’ve touched on the topic of drinking before and many people that know me also know that I...

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When your kids are one of your c-ptsd triggers

CakeTue 9th June 2020

CW: trauma, c-ptsd, anger, parenting, family, intergenerational trauma, all discussed with little specific detail  As I’ve been working...

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On anger and adolescence – thoughts inspired by Stephen King

CakeSun 7th June 2020

CW: menstruation, adolescence, trauma, c-ptsd, mention but no detail of abusive behaviour As part of a recent period...

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Friendship and change – thoughts inspired by IT Chapter 2

CakeFri 20th September 2019

This post was inspired by the watching of IT Chapter 2 and by the re-reading of the Stephen...

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Can we really change our food habits? 

CakeMon 10th June 2019

I began writing Appetite in 2014 as part of National Novel Writing Month. One of the ideas in...

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Who is in your bedroom right now?

CakeThu 22nd November 2018

It has been over three years since the Ashley Madison hacking scandal and, with social media increasingly cited as a...

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What my son eating (or not eating) broccoli has to do with sex: thoughts on food, sex, pleasure and society

CakeThu 15th November 2018

Recently I have been thinking a lot about pleasure. I have noticed how hard I find it hard...

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Selfishness, self care and self determination

CakeThu 8th November 2018

One of the things I have been called many times is “selfish”. A lot of the time that...

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