The answer to life, the universe and everything

CakeSat 14th April 2018

I turn 42 today and, as a huge Douglas Adams fan, the parallels between my age and Deep Thought’s answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything cannot and, in my opinion, should not be avoided.

I have gone through an enormous amount of change in the last decade. From becoming a wife and a mother at 30, to, in my mid-thirties, becoming a writer, and then slowly transforming into a polyamorous bisexual woman with two incredible children and a wonderful network of friends. I have made lots of mistakes and experienced a lot of pain but, above all, I have, in recent years, felt more love and joy than I thought was possible.

I feel very lucky but also kind of in awe of how much my life does not look anything like I expected it to.

With that in mind, I have put down a few thoughts and reflections on life, the universe and everything (though I still think just the number 42 sums it up perfectly)

Life itself is the meaning. And being as alive as you can be is the key to enjoying it.

Use your privileges to help others by asking what they need, never assume you know the answer to that.

Look after yourself (with daily kindness not spa packages).

Read challenging books.

Learn something new every day that is not “news” – most of what is worth knowing has been said repeatedly by people for thousands of years.

Check your facts but, more importantly, check your biases.

Learn a new language.

Spend time seeing your friends not just texting them.

Read even more challenging books.

Notice what makes you feel truly content and do more of that. Do not be surprised if it is the difficult stuff that does that.

Know that everything changes and that that is okay.

What would you add to this? And, if you are interested in talking with me about life, the universe and everything then please get in touch.