Writing about all the things

CakeThu 13th September 2018

I am writing this to let you, dear reader, know that I am going to be changing a few things in terms of what I write about.

This autumn I will be rewriting/drafting my second book. The second book is actually a pair of books – currently known as T1 and T2 with a very conscious nod to my favourite Terminator movies – and, once the initial feedback from my lovely editor is back, I will be rewriting T1 as well as planning and then beginning T2. This is going to keep me busy and also hopefully very happy this autumn, but the subject matter and my own interests of the moment mean that I will also be writing more openly here and elsewhere about sex, spirituality and BDSM/kink.

I have written before about my kinks and my own current relationship with the BDSM scene in London. That was a hard piece of writing to produce and an even harder one to share. I was shaking when I set it to go live… To be that open and vulnerable was a big deal for me and remains so, but it is also something that I am realising is very important.

The congruence of my internal and external selves, the connection I increasingly see, and am exploring, between mind and body, consensual and conscious sexual exploration and self-awareness, are really important to me.  It also feels important, given the needs and desires I hear whispered of in corners, and because of the amount of abusive behaviour I see masquerading as D/s ‘relationships’, to begin more openly and publicly sharing my own truth, knowledge and wisdom and experience on these issues.

So, if you find my writing about self-awareness, philosophy and psychology and writing/creativity, as well as my enthusiasm for baking, as well as a good spanking or slapping discomfiting, then it may be interesting to gently ask yourself why – but it may also be time for us to spend less time together.  I will be writing about ALL of myself moving forward, and, as this both terrifies and exhilarates me, I know it is the right thing to do.