Hello from here

CakeMon 11th September 2017

Here it is. The first post! The first hello from here 🙂

Some of you have read me before. Some of you are new and very welcome! This a very different Anita to the one who has written and shared before. The last two years since I was regularly posting and sharing about myself have been years of massive personal change. The one thing that hasn’t changed is how very excited I am to be here and to be sharing these words with you.

And so, what can you expect from me, from here?

This is a platform for me to share my thoughts on the issues of relationships, food, society, the environment, love and work. Issues that are, to me, at the very core of us: what we do, how we live and how we would like to live. You can expect weekly or fortnightly posts. Nothing too long. You can also expect utter honesty.

It is also a platform for me to promote my to-be-published-in-January 2018-by-the-wonderful-Red-Door first novel, Appetite. I really cannot wait to share it with you! It can be pre-ordered here.

I would love your feedback. In my mind, this is a space not just for me to share but for you, too. I would love to stimulate debate and comment; to answer your questions and, even more than that, to hear what you have to say. I am still learning how to listen and love as widely as I can. I am hoping  that you can help me with that.