Be careful out there…

CakeThu 5th October 2017

It is fascinating to see so many representations of non-monogamy and polyamory surfacing in the media at the moment. We are, I suspect, reaching “peak” poly: a point in the media landscape where this choice of relationship framework becomes a trend and not just a fad.

I am equally as fascinated by the fact that the media, as ever, attaches so much drama to poly and loves to have a negative or unhappy conclusion. I have not seen the below show (it comes out soon) but the main characters do not LOOK very happy for most of the last twenty seconds. I get that drama needs actual drama but there is also the sense that these narratives are meant as cautionary tales: do not step off the path, there are wolves and danger out there.

But, as with The Price of Salt (a.k.a. Carol) by Patricia Highsmith which was, famously, the first lesbian love story to have a happy ending, there are alternative ways to tell the polyamory story. I wonder how long it will take for the media to catch on to no-drama, happy poly? Based on my experience of the (mainstream) media, I think I will be wondering that for a long time… but trust me: it IS possible.

The clip can be seen here.

P.S. Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa are HOT (obvs) 😉