Why Jamie Oliver has it wrong… as does everyone…

CakeWed 7th March 2018

Even the more nuanced debates around food are too simplistic.

There are comfortably off people who live on takeaway and processed food. There are poorer people eating more pulses and grains. There are many, many people in the middle who are “good” three days a week but who, by Thursday, are worn down by life and all the challenges of day to day living and slip back into treats and sweets and snacks and drinks that put on the pound they lost in those three days (plus some) by Sunday night. Just in time for the cycle to start all over again. People who put on that half a stone on holiday and have habits that mean that their belt loop gets wider by a notch every six months. Slow, insidious and all too permanent, as so much weigh gain is.

It is also so much more complex than what we eat.

  • It is about sleep quality
  • It is about how leisure time is mostly spent
  • It is about habit and learnt behaviours
  • It is about our social environment
  • It is about the presence and availability of seasonal and reasonably priced food
  • It is about our personal mood and mental health
  • It is about the life circumstances we are in right now
  • It is about money
  • It is about time
  • It is about kitchen resources and equipment
  • It is about education
  • It is about gut heath
  • It is about you and your own story with food and your body

It is also about knowing your own story. Your own narrative when it comes to you body, your health… This is where my new project comes into play and I cannot wait to share more with you about it soon!