When was the last time you thought about your brain? That pound of grey jelly in your head is the most sophisticated, and significant, part of your body and yet most of us never think of it at all.

Monday, 19 February, 2018 - 22:10

I will write ocasional posts about the way in which polyamory and non-monogamy is portrayed in the mainstream media. Kimchi Cuddles is funny on the way in which poly pieces are always headlined by feet sticking out of a bed and there is, oddly, an emphasis on white people with coloured hair in triads. These seem to be the dominant, mainstream media images right now. 

Images aside, there are also some unhelpful narratives about poly and one of these is that it is for "millennials" who are "not ready to settle down yet". 

Tuesday, 13 February, 2018 - 13:58

There are two different modes of thinking: instintive and simple: that split second when your body steps away from the kerb and you are saved from the speeding car. The fight-or-flight response. The second is what Kahneman, in Thinking Fast and Slow, calls System 2. This is a more sophisticated type of consdieration. Intuitive, snap-second thinking can save our lives and yet it is increasingly clear that this kind of thinking, if used for all decisions and not questioned, has severe consequences in the real world, especially when it comes to relationships.

Friday, 2 February, 2018 - 11:00


January is over and I am feeling quite tired but also good, in fact, I am feeling really good. Going through a lot of very new and very difficult experiences but also taking the time to process and rest from those means that I am entering this new month feeling stronger than ever, yet also lighter.


The publicising work for Appetite has been intense but also fun. I am glad to have told part of my story but am very much hoping to have the chance to tell more and different ones too. 


Thursday, 1 February, 2018 - 09:23

A thoughtful and compassionate piece on the big money interests behind our habits... and how only consious awareness can help us make the changes we want for oursleves. 



Tuesday, 30 January, 2018 - 10:28