When your kids are one of your c-ptsd triggers

CakeTue 9th June 2020

CW: trauma, c-ptsd, anger, parenting, family, intergenerational trauma, all discussed with little specific detail  As I’ve been working...

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Yes, I tell my kids I am bi – here is why

CakeThu 30th May 2019

“But what do you tell your children?” “I tell them the truth – I tell them that Mummy...

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Social media and being seen: what all those Facebook photos really mean

CakeFri 18th January 2019

The moment I start to see an increase in photos of smiling couples being posted on social media,...

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Appetite: one year on

CakeSat 12th January 2019

A year is a measure of time that most of us find meaningful. Fifty two weeks, twelve months,...

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On Winter

CakeThu 6th December 2018

It can be easy to see Winter as a long, cold, wet slog until Spring and Summer. It is...

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Who is in your bedroom right now?

CakeThu 22nd November 2018

It has been over three years since the Ashley Madison hacking scandal and, with social media increasingly cited as a...

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The Strictly snog

CakeThu 11th October 2018

The Strictly “curse” strikes again and yet, this time, it feels different. There feels like a very real gap between...

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“Wanderlust”, opening up and creating extraordinary relationships

CakeSat 8th September 2018

A shorter version of this piece appeared in The Sun on September 8th 2018… Every relationship, even...

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What “The School Of Life” has wrong about polyamory and non-monogamy

CakeMon 25th June 2018

A post from 2016 by The School of Life is making the rounds again and, having watched it,...

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