The one thing you need to do to improve your sex life

CakeThu 20th June 2019

Let’s talk about sex. Because we don’t, do we? Not really. Not fully, authentically and honestly.  I know...

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Yes, I tell my kids I am bi – here is why

CakeThu 30th May 2019

“But what do you tell your children?” “I tell them the truth – I tell them that Mummy...

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Conscious Parenting – what I tell my children about sex

CakeWed 15th May 2019

I am a parent to two young children, both of whom are now pre-teen age. As they get...

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On BDSM in books – with a great many readers comes great responsibility

CakeFri 3rd May 2019

I read two books in April that both communicated very negative messages about BDSM (Bondage, Dominance/submission, Sadism and...

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“Opening up about relationships” – a panel discussion on 18 April 2019

CakeTue 16th April 2019

I have been invited to take part in a panel discussion about open and monogamous relationships. The event...

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Let’s talk about sex… or, why there is more to it than downloading an app

CakeThu 21st February 2019

There was a Kickstarter doing the rounds on social media last week. It’s called LOVESYNC and it’s an...

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What my son eating (or not eating) broccoli has to do with sex: thoughts on food, sex, pleasure and society

CakeThu 15th November 2018

Recently I have been thinking a lot about pleasure. I have noticed how hard I find it hard...

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The Strictly snog

CakeThu 11th October 2018

The Strictly “curse” strikes again and yet, this time, it feels different. There feels like a very real gap between...

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Kink and me: A story about making mistakes and learning to explore sex and desire consciously

CakeThu 4th October 2018

I can still see those first images. The first D/s* images I EVER saw. He had said: you...

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