On anger and adolescence – thoughts inspired by Stephen King

CakeSun 7th June 2020

CW: menstruation, adolescence, trauma, c-ptsd, mention but no detail of abusive behaviour As part of a recent period...

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F*** the gin and fish fingers brigade

CakeThu 10th October 2019

For immediate context, this was written three days before the end of the summer holidays and in a...

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Why the 5am start is bullshit

CakeThu 29th August 2019

There are SO many articles that tell us to do the meditation, exercise, creative work early by getting...

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Can we really change our food habits? 

CakeMon 10th June 2019

I began writing Appetite in 2014 as part of National Novel Writing Month. One of the ideas in...

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Let’s talk about sex… or, why there is more to it than downloading an app

CakeThu 21st February 2019

There was a Kickstarter doing the rounds on social media last week. It’s called LOVESYNC and it’s an...

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On Winter

CakeThu 6th December 2018

It can be easy to see Winter as a long, cold, wet slog until Spring and Summer. It is...

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Limiting ways to ‘use’ or think about being open / non monogamous / poly

CakeMon 3rd December 2018

One thing I have noticed about non-monogamy and polyamory is that it can often be used as a way...

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Who is in your bedroom right now?

CakeThu 22nd November 2018

It has been over three years since the Ashley Madison hacking scandal and, with social media increasingly cited as a...

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Selfishness, self care and self determination

CakeThu 8th November 2018

One of the things I have been called many times is “selfish”. A lot of the time that...

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