On Appetite

CakeFri 29th December 2017

I always describe Appetite as being about food and sex and it is but it is more than that.

It is a story about modern marriage, social media, school and family life. It is about how tempting it can be it sit in silence and press “play next episode” rather than make a change or have a difficult conversation about how you feel. It is a story about a woman who does everything you should NOT do when you are unhappy in your marriage, a boy doing all the right things but still failing and needing his friend and about a man who wants to make a difference but who ends up making things worse.

Appetite is also a love story. It is about how the way we show love can cause harm. How, without loving and accepting ourselves we cannot give love to anyone else.

All the differents parts of Appetite are parts of me but it is David’s story, about his learning to accept and love himself, that is the most important to me. That need to remind everyone, including myself, just how hard it can be to see through how we think about ourselves to the truth of what we are: acceptable and loveable in, and because of, our flawed glory.

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