Relationship change and acceptance

CakeMon 22nd January 2018

Everything is always changing so nothing can be yours – Shunryu Suzuki I love the sense of calm...

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The Guardian article 20/01/18

CakeSat 20th January 2018

I always hoped sharing my story would help people to see that a changed and ended marriage is...

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Conscious monogamy

CakeWed 17th January 2018

At the start of a new year, many people assess their emotional wellbeing and their relationships. It’s natural...

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Learning how to be alive

CakeTue 2nd January 2018

Learning to write is like learning to be alive: an essentially solitary journey where you are already good...

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Being seen, or who is organising the diary in your relationship and why?

CakeThu 7th December 2017

Sometimes we uncover BIG things. Sometimes, the work of months and months of therapy can feel very unrewarding,...

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What children need…

CakeWed 6th December 2017

“They need you both there” This is what someone said to me recently with regards my children and...

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How NOT to open your relationship…

CakeWed 22nd November 2017

I read this article and posted this tweet today. No explicit conversations, relying on “mutual understanding”, ignoring boundaries...

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Label free and limitless relationships

CakeFri 10th November 2017

Label-free and limitless relationships:  Embracing relational authenticity One of the first things we do with children is teach...

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What love is to me?

CakeMon 30th October 2017

The Greeks had over half a dozen words for love, many European languages distinguish between romantic and familial love...

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