The limitations and possibilities of language

CakeTue 26th June 2018

I have written previously about the power and limitations of language and, as I said then, the core concept...

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What “The School Of Life” has wrong about polyamory and non-monogamy

CakeMon 25th June 2018

A post from 2016 by The School of Life is making the rounds again and, having watched it,...

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Affairs, desire and conscious relationships

CakeSat 16th June 2018

I recently had a wonderful conversation with writer and traveller, Christine Wild, about desire and conscious relationships, here...

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What having a crush taught me: feelings as signposts to understanding

CakeThu 7th June 2018

I love it when you come across a simple idea communicated effectively in a short piece of writing,...

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A Guide to Conscious Relationships

CakeThu 17th May 2018

Commit to explicit, honest and timely communication The importance of clear and open communication cannot be over-stated. This means...

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Why being ‘selfish’ made me a better parent

CakeThu 26th April 2018

One of the most common accusations I have had levelled at me since I came out about my...

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Discussing conscious relationships on BBC Five Live

CakeWed 18th April 2018

I contributed, with Andrea, to a converation on BBC Five Live about conscious relationships earlier in April. The...

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How to stop protecting other people’s feelings*

CakeWed 18th April 2018

In pondering polyamory and my journey so far, it occurred to me that almost all the problems I...

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The answer to life, the universe and everything

CakeSat 14th April 2018

I turn 42 today and, as a huge Douglas Adams fan, the parallels between my age and Deep Thought’s...

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