Selfishness, self care and self determination

CakeThu 8th November 2018

One of the things I have been called many times is “selfish”. A lot of the time that...

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What are the ‘should’s in your life telling you? A re-visioning of self-care

CakeThu 1st November 2018

I should eat better… I should go to the gym… I should watch less TV… I should get...

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How do we model what we do not see? Learning to be patient in an impatient world

CakeThu 18th October 2018

Attention and patience: the two things that we find hard, or are reluctant, to give but which we...

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The Strictly snog

CakeThu 11th October 2018

The Strictly “curse” strikes again and yet, this time, it feels different. There feels like a very real gap between...

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Love and tr(us)t

CakeThu 20th September 2018

Our society tells us love is weak It is the strongest force we have Our society encourages us...

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Writing about all the things

CakeThu 13th September 2018

I am writing this to let you, dear reader, know that I am going to be changing a...

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“Wanderlust”, opening up and creating extraordinary relationships

CakeSat 8th September 2018

A shorter version of this piece appeared in The Sun on September 8th 2018… Every relationship, even...

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Podcast on conscious relationships and polyamory

CakeMon 6th August 2018

Listen to Dr Lori Beth Bisbey and I discuss conscious relationship choices, the challenges of all relationships and...

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City and Self

CakeThu 2nd August 2018

I am back in my city. Having lived in three countries before the age of twelve and more...

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