Time is not the indicator of your importance

CakeMon 19th August 2019

Ask any relationship counsellor or therapist to name one key issue in ALL relationships and they will likely...

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Game changers – what they are and how they affect you and your relationships

CakeThu 25th July 2019

Game changer. This isn’t a very well-known phrase in dating and relationship circles but it’s a very common...

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Conscious dating: the dating mistake you are almost certainly making

CakeWed 10th July 2019

Do you know when most people raise the issue of what is this / where are we going...

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The one thing you need to do to improve your sex life

CakeThu 20th June 2019

Let’s talk about sex. Because we don’t, do we? Not really. Not fully, authentically and honestly.  I know...

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Going deeper

CakeThu 13th June 2019

I recently read a wonderful article by Steve Pavlina. It is here. The article talks about how the...

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Can we really change our food habits? 

CakeMon 10th June 2019

I began writing Appetite in 2014 as part of National Novel Writing Month. One of the ideas in...

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Yes, I tell my kids I am bi – here is why

CakeThu 30th May 2019

“But what do you tell your children?” “I tell them the truth – I tell them that Mummy...

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Conscious Parenting – what I tell my children about sex

CakeWed 15th May 2019

I am a parent to two young children, both of whom are now pre-teen age. As they get...

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Zen and the art of WhatsApp

CakeThu 25th April 2019

How do you feel? Need to check your phone? Want to see if that message has been read,...

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