Food, change and hope – thoughts on Veganuary

CakeWed 1st January 2020

I used to think that the big changes in my life started with stopping drinking but, before that,...

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TEDx talk on relationships

CakeSat 28th December 2019

I gave a talk about what we might think of beyond happy ever after when it comes to...

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Boundaries – the foundation of self-consent

CakeFri 6th December 2019

I’m done. What was the final straw? I’m not sure that any emotional process can be reduced to...

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New words and old feelings – values based living and loving

CakeMon 18th November 2019

I was lucky enough to speak with Martha Lane-Fox at the TEDx Open University event in November 2019....

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Co-habiting complexities

CakeFri 25th October 2019

Co-habiting and what it can teach us about how we relate to others in partnership I have, in...

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Relationship snake oil

CakeWed 2nd October 2019

There was this article in The Guardian recently. It is about the Gottmans’s new book: Eight Dates. John Gottman is...

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Friendship and feelings – more thoughts inspired by IT Chapter 2

CakeFri 20th September 2019

There are so many things to say in the wake of viewing IT: Chapter 2. It was reading...

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Friendship and change – thoughts inspired by IT Chapter 2

CakeFri 20th September 2019

This post was inspired by the watching of IT Chapter 2 and by the re-reading of the Stephen...

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Time is not the indicator of your importance

CakeMon 19th August 2019

Ask any relationship counsellor or therapist to name one key issue in ALL relationships and they will likely...

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