Midlife mayhem and magic – thoughts and dreams for everyone

CakeTue 27th September 2022

Midlife (by which I mean your 40s and 50s) is a magic- and mayhem-filled time of change and...

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Living is growing

CakeMon 28th June 2021

Many of us become more interested in dying and death as we age because, in a way, that’s...

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Decades, weeks and days – reflections on time, work, society and self

CakeTue 9th March 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shifted concepts of time for many of us as we negotiate much less...

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The mirror maze – self, society and social media

CakeFri 16th October 2020

We seek to know ourselves through relationships. We have to. We are mammals who, as babies, are extraordinarily...

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Home as Panopticon – moving beyond intergenerational trauma

CakeFri 16th October 2020

“After a period of consistent monitoring and prompt punishment [they] began to regulate their own behaviour.” What is...

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The antidote to the need for control

CakeThu 20th August 2020

Part I of a series of writing on conscious living So much of what we do is about...

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When your kids are one of your c-ptsd triggers

CakeTue 9th June 2020

CW: trauma, c-ptsd, anger, parenting, family, intergenerational trauma, all discussed with little specific detail  As I’ve been working...

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On anger and adolescence – thoughts inspired by Stephen King

CakeSun 7th June 2020

CW: menstruation, adolescence, trauma, c-ptsd, mention but no detail of abusive behaviour As part of a recent period...

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C-ptsd and me – How the pandemic helped me tune into how tuned out (and triggered) I was

CakeSun 24th May 2020

CW: C-ptsd, alcoholism, parenting, conflict, trauma, menstruation As someone who has actively avoided all of the “The silver...

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