Why the 5am start is bullshit

CakeThu 29th August 2019

There are SO many articles that tell us to do the meditation, exercise, creative work early by getting...

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Going deeper

CakeThu 13th June 2019

I recently read a wonderful article by Steve Pavlina. It is here. The article talks about how the...

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Yes, I tell my kids I am bi – here is why

CakeThu 30th May 2019

“But what do you tell your children?” “I tell them the truth – I tell them that Mummy...

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Zen and the art of WhatsApp

CakeThu 25th April 2019

How do you feel? Need to check your phone? Want to see if that message has been read,...

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Hopefulness and the new year

CakeThu 27th December 2018

Van Gogh painted the six sunflower paintings as a symbol of hope. I am feeling, in this week...

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Selfishness, self care and self determination

CakeThu 8th November 2018

One of the things I have been called many times is “selfish”. A lot of the time that...

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What are the ‘should’s in your life telling you? A re-visioning of self-care

CakeThu 1st November 2018

I should eat better… I should go to the gym… I should watch less TV… I should get...

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Why change can be excellent*

CakeThu 11th October 2018

It is so easy to focus on the HARD aspects of change that I wanted to take a...

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Love and tr(us)t

CakeThu 20th September 2018

Our society tells us love is weak It is the strongest force we have Our society encourages us...

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